Don’t Forget To Look Up!

“Don’t forget to look up!” That was the tip I heard from an older gentleman some years ago while I was taking an early morning walk through the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney. Relishing every free minute while on business in Australia, I was almost mesmerized by countless beautiful features in the park. I hadn’t … Read more

Take a Nature Walk In Your Own Backyard or Nearby Park

Camping trips, field trips to botanical gardens, nature walks guided by park rangers, volunteer time at community gardens… For so many of us, spending time in nature has come to mean structured activities away from our homes. You can have some fun with the whole family by simply walking outside and taking a close look … Read more

Spectacular Video of Sperm Whales Communicating with Divers Using Clicking Noises

Imagine swimming in the open ocean with the world’s largest predator without the aid of any scuba breathing equipment. This is what a dedicated group of citizen scientists is doing as they try to understand how sperm whales communicate. Writer James Nestor joined them and shares some amazing video of sperm whales during a welcoming … Read more

What Is Your Dog Telling You When It Paws You? We May Have Some Answers.

There is a question making the rounds among dog lovers…What does it mean when your dog paws you? We are not talking a high five with your dog or a response when asked to shake hands. We’re talking about when your dog reaches out and gently touches you, usually with a seriously sweet and somewhat … Read more

That Glass of Almond Milk…Honeybees are Dying for You to Drink It

The Guardian published an eye-opening article about the impact of America’s growing love for everything almond and the devastating impact it is having on the country’s honeybee population. Our consumption of almond milk alone has increased 250% over the last five years and the California almond industry, already home to 80% of the world’s almond … Read more