Here Is One Way To Feel Better About What’s Going On In Our Mad and Scary World

Active Hope

One of my favorite environmental activists is also one of my favorite philosophers: Joanna Macy is an ecophilosopher. She has written over a dozen books and travels extensively to share her thinking in workshops and lectures on topics that include ecological awareness, personal and social change, as well as spiritual issues. Macy calls the “empowerment … Read more

What’s a Citizen Scientist and How Can You Become One?

Citizen scientist using binoculars

Do you have a passion for the environment, but work in a totally different field and wish you could somehow still contribute to better understanding of issues like climate change or protection of endangered species? Are you looking for interesting activities to do with your kids that might nourish potential lifelong interest in conservation? Do … Read more

Ghost Forests: Sad Legacies of Climate Change

Forests are in the fight of the century. Covering almost 30% of the earth, forests provide a home to 80% of life on land, including plants, animals, and insects.1  Millions of acres of trees are lost to drought, heat stress, insect attacks, fires, and rising sea levels. Often several of these factors work together to … Read more

COVID-19 Impact on Crop Pollination: “It’s a bit of a different sort of disaster than normal.”

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to unfold, farmers whose crops rely on the pollination services of beekeepers are worried. The coronavirus pandemic has taken hold at a time of the year when an army of agricultural trucks begins the annual circuit carrying thousands of beehives to destinations that include almond farms in California, apple orchards … Read more

The Real Consequences of Climate Change on Our Health

Consequences of Climate Change on Health

Heart attacks, miscarriages, encephalitis, pneumonia… Some dedicated researchers are working hard to tie actual health outcomes to climate change events which are expected to only worsen and intensify if policy leaders do not change course. Researchers from the University of California, San Francisco and the Natural Resources Defense Council set out to better understand how … Read more

Helping Nemo Find Home: How Underwater “Coral” Concerts Restore Fish Populations to Dying Reefs!

Some exciting research was published in late 2019 by a team of researchers from the UK and Australia looking at how to repopulate damaged coral reefs.1 You might have seen headlines like “To Help Coral Reefs Come Back, Fake It (With Sound) ‘Til Fish Make It”2 or “Scientists Used Loudspeakers to Make Dead Coral Reefs … Read more

Tech Company Makes Water from Thin Air: A Desperately Needed Solution for Drought and Disaster Relief

Water. It seems to be everywhere…until it’s not. While about 71% of the earth’s surface is covered in water,1 30% of our planet’s population live in dry areas. That means 2.5 billion people face droughts and water scarcity.2 Innovative solutions are desperately needed to meet ever-increasing demands for freshwater where it is not easily found. … Read more

Hurricane’s Invisible Victims: NASA Reminds Us of the Toll Polluted Rivers Have on the Ocean

The National Weather Service estimated that Hurricane Florence dumped almost 8 trillion gallons of rain on North Carolina in September 2018 resulting in catastrophic flooding across the state. 1 A NASA satellite tracked the flooding as shown in these remarkable images. The first image above shows the photograph taken by the Landsat 8 earth observation … Read more

In 1970, a Computer Model at MIT Started Crunching Numbers to Predict When Civilization Will Collapse

Illustration of Extreme Drought

  The 50-year anniversary of a scary data analysis project is upon us. In 1970, an international team of researchers at MIT began a project using the most cutting-edge computer simulation program available at the time to predict when earth’s interlocking resources could no longer sustain civilization as we know it.1 The half-century-old MIT analysis … Read more