Healthier Food Choices Could Dramatically Decrease Agriculture’s Environmental Impact

Dr. David Tilman at the University of Minnesota has been at this for a while. He traced urbanization and income growth around the world between 1961 and 2009 and linked it with increased consumption of refined sugars and refined fats brought about people adopting more meat intensive western-style diets. In 2014 he published research in … Read more

Enjoy the Sweet Taste Of Summer With Canned Peaches

Love Canned Peaches

Summer is the season of juicy, sweet peaches, but what happens when the season ends? Luckily, canned peaches provide a convenient and practical solution to savoring the flavors of summer all year round. Canned peaches are versatile, providing a tasty addition to numerous dishes, and offer a long shelf-life, making them an essential pantry item. … Read more

That Glass of Almond Milk…Honeybees are Dying for You to Drink It

The Guardian published an eye-opening article about the impact of America’s growing love for everything almond and the devastating impact it is having on the country’s honeybee population. Our consumption of almond milk alone has increased 250% over the last five years and the California almond industry, already home to 80% of the world’s almond … Read more

Bottled Water: What the FDA Should Have Told You About Companies that Flunked Water Standards


In an eye-opening article, Consumer Reports (CR), the independent consumer advocacy and testing organization has taken on problems with the largely self-policing nature of the bottled water industry, a lack of safety inspections and follow-up by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and failure by companies to report instances when products fail to meet … Read more