Study Finds 5G Networks Have Few Health Impacts in Zebrafish Model: Oregon State University

5G Towers

  5G (which is short for 5th generation cellular mobile communications technology) is the subject of much controversy. A team from Oregon State University (OSU) has published a paper with their findings on 5G safety as tested with zebrafish. For readers who don’t know, zebrafish (Danio rerio) are a favorite proxy for humans in toxicology … Read more

A Possible Link Between Outdoor Light At Night and Adolescent Mental Health?

Residential Area Artificial Light

Artificial outdoor light at night has been the subject of a range of research studies. Within the past few years, it has been “associated with depressive symptoms and suicidal behaviors” by a research team at the University of Seoul1; “significantly related to obesity” by a research team from Korea University College of Medicine2; and a … Read more

Need some things to feel optimistic about? The BBC has this!

There is a wonderful podcast and video series on the BBC News called “People Fixing the World.” Their Facebook page describes it as the “BBC’s solutions programme finding the amazing people tackling some of the world’s toughest problems.” Many of the solutions center on environmental challenges. One of the videos shares a growing urban farming … Read more

Now for Some Good News About the Environment!

Crane in Gloucestershire

While we want to engage with our readers about issues affecting the environment, we worry that a never-ending stream of dire news makes it seem like meaningful change is impossible. So, we decided to highlight some good news in this brief compilation of progress in reestablishing majestic cranes in Britain, an update on efforts to … Read more