It’s often more fun to work out with someone you love and care about. By working out with your partner, you can improve your physical and emotional health together, sharing in a fun and beneficial activity. Here are 25 reasons why you should work out with your partner.

25 Reasons to Work Out Together

  1. Accomplishing Goals Together Strengthens a Relationship. When the two of you work toward fitness goals together, you build a stronger bond.
  2. You’ve Always Got a Spotting Partner. No need to look around for some stranger to spot you as you lift weights. If you work out with your partner, you’ve got a built-in spotter,
  3. Sleep Will Be More Enjoyable. By getting regular workouts together, you’ll both be sleeping better at night.
  4. Sex Will Be More Enjoyable. A healthier, fitter couple means a boosted sex drive and a more active sex life.
  5. You’ll Both Be More Driven to Eat Better. A regular exercise program with your partner will lead to the desire to eat healthier meals – together.
  6. Your After-Work-Out Sweaty Self Will Be a Turn-on Instead of a Turn-off. You’ll both be sweaty – and not in a gross way. Just one more excuse to shower together.
  7. You Might Receive A Couple’s Discount at the Gym. Many gyms offer a discount when two people join together.
  8. You’ll Have Less “I’m Bored” Time. When you work out with your partner, there’s never a reason to be bored.
  9. You Can Take Fun Workout Vacations. Weekend-long hikes, bike rides, triathlons and other sporting vacations will be fun and easy to plan.
  10. You’ll Have Fewer Fights. Couples who work out together report having lower stress levels and less fights. 
  11. You’ll Both Be Happier. Regular exercise boosts serotonin levels in the brain, thereby warding off depression and the “blues”.
  12. You Have a Great Reason to Cook Together. Working out together and being committed to a healthier lifestyle is a great reason to try new, healthy recipes together in the kitchen.
  13. You’ll Have More in Common. More things to discuss, to do and to plan as you plan life around getting healthier.
  14. You’ll Spend More Time Together. Working out together is the perfect solution for the busy, on-the-go couples who have a hard time finding time to see each other.
  15. You’ll Have Similar Goals. A dual commitment to working out means you’ll both have fitness-related goals and can work on achieving them together.
  16. You’ll Be Able to Motivate Each Other. It’s easy to motivate your partner toward his/her goals when you have similar goals, and vice versa.
  17. Going on Beach Vacations and Fancy Dinners Out Will Be More Fun. You’ll both look extra-hot in your swimsuits and dress clothes.
  18. The Couple That Plays Together, Stays Together. Some people might not count working out as “play” but it can definitely be fun when you do it with your partner.
  19. When You Don’t Want to Work Out, There’ll Be Someone to Drag You to The Gym. Or vice versa. Giving up on workouts isn’t so tempting when your partner is depending on you.
  20. You’ll Ward off the Gym Pickup Artists. When you’re seen at the gym every day with your partner, those who are at the gym just to get a date will stay away.
  21. You’ll Both Have Increased Self-Confidence. When just one of you is working out, his or her confidence will increase while the other might start feeling less-than attractive. Work out together and you’ll both feel great about yourselves.
  22. Working Out Together Increases Emotional Closeness. Doing something so intense and invigorating together makes you feel closer emotionally.
  23. It’ll Keep You From Spending Money on Stupid Stuff. Working out regularly will keep you from spending money out of boredom and give you a clear head for your financial and other goals.
  24. You’ll Have Endless Gift Ideas for Your Partner. When you’re both committed to working out, there’s always a great gift idea available for special occasions.
  25. You’ll Stay Young Together. Those who exercise regularly feel younger than their non-exercising counterparts. Work out together and avoid getting older too young.


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