5 Meals to Build Muscle

While eating complex carbohydrates will help give you an energy boost for your day, eating protein packed meals will help you build muscle.  Eating an adequate amount of protein necessary to aid in building muscle doesn’t have to mean scarfing down a sirloin steak three times a day. There are many protein packed foods that don’t involve eating red meat – or eating meat at all for that matter.

Here are 5 meals that you can eat that will help you to build muscle without eating an over-zealous supply of red meat.

Turkey Ranch Wrap

A turkey ranch wrap is possibly the perfect muscle building meal. With an abundance of white, organic turkey, some fresh veggies, a whole wheat or veggie wrap and a bit of creamy ranch dressing, you can cover all of your food groups in one healthy shot.  Make turkey ranch wraps a staple on your weekly meal menu if you’re interested in building more muscle and eating healthier.

Tuna Salad Sandwich

Tuna Salad sandwiches are a terrific source of protein. Not only does tuna contain high amounts of protein, so does peas, which are often a staple of tuna salad. Add eggs in with your tuna salad and use kale in place of lettuce on the bread, and you’re adding even more healthy sources of muscle building protein into this great-tasting meal.

Vegetable Stir Fry

Contrary to popular belief, many vegetables are powerful sources of protein. Among the veggies you can add to your stir fry to help boost its protein content: broccoli, asparagus, kale, Brussel sprouts, artichokes, mushrooms and spinach. Those practicing a vegetarian lifestyle and those hoping to cut down on meat consumption might be happy to know that you can eat less meat and still get plenty of protein in your daily diet.

Avocado Smoothie

Adding avocados into your daily smoothie is one way you can help increase your protein intake. Because avocados can enhance sweet or salty recipes, an avocado smoothie can be made by using fruits such as bananas, strawberries and blueberries or by using veggies such as kale, carrots and cucumbers. The high protein content along with the versatile flavor of avocados make it the perfect addition to any smoothie recipe.

Spinach and Egg Omelet

Here’s a change up for your daily omelet. Heat up some olive oil, add in some fresh garlic, some fresh spinach and some red onion. Sauté just until the veggies begin to get soft, and add them to your egg or egg white omelet.  The flavor of the vegetables along with the protein packed ingredients will get your morning off to a powerful, energy-filled start, and give you enough strength to make it through your day with flying colors.

Adequate protein intake doesn’t just build muscle, it’s thought to help relieve muscle and joint pain as well. Protein packed, muscle-building meals (as we’ve learned from the recipe ideas above) don’t have to be hard work, and they don’t always have to include red meat. These easy-to-make muscle building meals will give you a new outlook on adding sufficient amounts of protein to your daily diet.

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