Tim McGraw’s daughter was blasted for showing her curvy body & being overweight – yet her dad is proud of her courage

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At 93 years old, the great Clint Eastwood, actor and director, is still working and shows no signs of slowing down

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Sally Field, 76, fought ageism in Hollywood throughout her career and never got plastic surgery

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Tom Selleck ditches his trademark mustache and looks unrecognizable

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Keanu Reeves Does Not Wear Branded Clothes or Live in a Mansion, but He Donates His Money to the Needy

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This Girl Lost Her Star Dad at Only Two — He Didn’t Include Her in His Will, So His Co-stars Gave Up Money for Her

Heath Ledger was more than just a brilliant actor; he was a shining star whose life ended way too soon. When he passed away in 2008, not only did the world lose a talented performer, but his little daughter, Matilda, lost her dad. She was only two years old at the time and couldn’t understand … Read more