Now Is a Great Time To Sort Through That Old Family Stuff!

Sitting at home with time on your hands?? I did some time travel yesterday. I found myself thinking more and more about “what ifs?” Old pictures and long-forgotten letters from my father’s side of the family had accumulated in my attic. I’d long realized much of it would only mean something to me and it … Read more

Why You Touch Your Face and, Hands Down, Some Great Ways to Stop

Medical leaders worldwide have warned people to avoid touching their face as a crucial way to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Long before we ever thought about COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, public health professionals cautioned that many respiratory tract infections were thought to be transmitted by touching our eyes, mouth and/or nostrils after our hands … Read more

Questions for a Loved One Before It’s Too Late

Losing my mother unexpectedly has led to numerous instances where I’ve longed to reach out, wishing to engage in conversations and exchange thoughts about the experiences I encounter in my day. For instance, after a challenging day at work, I often find myself yearning to inquire of my mom, “How on earth did you manage … Read more

6 Routines That Can Help Keep Your Brain Sharp

A question that creeps into everyone’s thoughts at middle age is whether age-related cognitive decline is inevitable? Names come to mind more slowly, you misplace things more often, you forget a birthday or anniversary… But we are told fear not! Experts say these are normal signs of aging, not a problem unless it begins to … Read more

Can Common Prescription Drugs Change Your Personality or Your Brain?

When starting a new prescription drug (or even an over-the-counter medication), how many of us don’t bother to discuss potential side effects with our health care provider or take the time to read the patient insert? For some drugs—and some people—such a “no brainer” could actually be risky. Here is a quick look at research … Read more

In 1970, a Computer Model at MIT Started Crunching Numbers to Predict When Civilization Will Collapse

Illustration of Extreme Drought

  The 50-year anniversary of a scary data analysis project is upon us. In 1970, an international team of researchers at MIT began a project using the most cutting-edge computer simulation program available at the time to predict when earth’s interlocking resources could no longer sustain civilization as we know it.1 The half-century-old MIT analysis … Read more

Old Adults Can Make Just as Many New Brain Cells As Young People

The discovery that healthy, older adults produce just as many new neurons reverses a long-held theory about how our brains grow old and it provides us with some new ideas about how we might keep our brains young and agile. Brain health is an important topic for people once they hit middle age. Like so … Read more