Don’t Flush! Keep the Wipes Out of the Pipes!

Those “flushable wipes” create havoc in sewers!


The water and sewer agency for our Nation’s Capital (Washington D.C. Suburban Sanitary Commission) is just one of countless utilities around the country pleading with customers to stop flushing wipes down their toilets. During the Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020, people started using “flushable wipes” more than ever. 1

The problem is, those wipes aren’t really flushable. While they will flush out of sight from your toilet bowl, they often go on to clog pipes and municipal sewer systems because the wipes do not break down like toilet paper. If they make it as far as wastewater pumping stations, they must be removed manually. Often, they don’t travel that far and end up clogging neighborhood sewer pipes when they combine with other waste such as cooking grease to form large clogs. 2

Recently, the not-really-flushable-wipes caused trouble in Lewes, Delaware. A wastewater pumping station there malfunctioned because of a clogged pump which resulted in untreated waste entering a canal that flows into the Delaware Bay.3

The video below from WSSC gives you a close-up look at the wipes that have been raked out of a D.C. wastewater pumping station. 2 Warning: It is not a pleasant site!


Some readers will remember a 130-ton “Fatberg” excavated from a London sewer in 2017 composed of accumulated cooking fat and personal wipes. The Fatberg was said to weigh approximately the same as 11 double-decker buses. Crews in the greater London area clear about 8 sewer blockages each week caused by wipes tangled with grease, with the record holder having been a 15-ton mass in 2013. 4

The director of the Baltimore City Department of Public Works puts their appeal this way, “I realize that we are especially concerned about disinfection and proper disposal of used facial tissues. That is admirable. But disinfectant wipes, tissues, paper towels and ‘flushable wipes’ DO NOT belong in the toilet.”5 They advise people to “dispose of cleaning items, wipes, paper towels, rags, etc. in a trash container. Using a plastic bag liner and occasional disinfectant spray is also helpful.”5

As they say, “Don’t use your toilet as a trash can. Keep the wipes out of the pipes!”2


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