Learn How Drinking Water Can Help You Lose Weight

Water has always been considered the healthiest drink, but research suggests that it can also help you drop a few more pounds.

A recent study shows that drinking a glass of water (about 1 pint) before each meal can help obese people lose weight. The study was conducted by researchers from the University of Birmingham and lasted for 12 weeks. During this period, 84 people volunteered for the study.

Examining How Drinking Water Affects Weight Loss

The 84 patients were provided with tips and advice for altering their lifestyle. These tips including eating healthier food and adding exercise to their daily routine. By following the meal ideas outlined by researchers, and including regular exercise, all of the participants should lose some weight over the 12 week period.

41 of the participants were required to drink 500 millimeters of water before each meal. The other 43 participants were simply told that they should imagine that they have a full stomach before each meal.

Results of the Weight Loss Study

At the end of the 12 weeks, the 41 participants that drink water before each meal had an average weight loss of 9.48 pounds, while the other patients had an average weight loss of 1.76 pounds.

Even though there were various uncontrolled factors, from patients being allowed to make their own meal plans and follow their own routine, the patients that drank water each day were more likely to lose weight. A simple change in a person’s lifestyle, drinking water, can have a major impact on their weight loss goals.

A Growing Obesity Problem

This study is more relevant, as a recently published report by the WHO (World Health Organization), predicts that by 2030, three quarters of all British men and two thirds of all British women will be overweight. This is a trend that is common across the developed world.

After this report, many medical professionals felt that the main problem is that people are not being properly advised about what they should eat and how to read food labels. Better education could be the solution to the obesity problem.

That was the focus of the research conducted by the University of Birmingham. They provided their participants with easy to follow suggestions that could help them lose weight.

The fact that the patients that drank water before each meal had, on average, more weight loss than the other patients shows that water definitely had an impact on their weight loss. Anyone can do this, just have a glass of water before your meals.

Incorporate this Simple Tip into Your Daily Habits

In addition to helping you lose weight, drinking water improves blood circulation, can lower cholesterol levels, curb your appetite, and keeps you hydrated. Try to consume water throughout the day, along with a pint before each meal. If you remember this tip, you should find it easier to manage your portions and avoid overeating. Soon, the weight will start dropping.

Drinking a glass of water before your meals will help you lose weight and feel great.



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