This Girl Lost Her Star Dad at Only Two — He Didn’t Include Her in His Will, So His Co-stars Gave Up Money for Her

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These Twins Lost Their Star Dad at 15 – He Fathered Them at 61 for the Sake of His Childless Wife

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Kevin Bacon Will Return to ‘Footloose’ High School 41 Years Later After Students Campaigned to Get Him for Prom Day: ‘I’m Gonna Come. I Gotta Come!’


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Leonardo DiCaprio Is Fed Up That He Has A Reputation For Dating Young Women, Source Claims: It Really Bothers Him

Leonardo DiCaprio

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This Man Is a Pastor & Ex-husband of a Famous Child Actress – They Divorced After 24 Years, Still Loving Each Other

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Angelina Jolie Quitting Acting, Blames Brad Pitt for “Losing the Ability to Live Freely”

Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt

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