The increasing desire for online approval has become a significant aspect of the social media era. In the past, our grandparents didn’t rely on taking selfies and sharing them on Facebook to feel that their romantic relationships were genuine. This is because platforms like Facebook didn’t exist during their time.

Things have evolved from those days when you could set a picture of you and your partner as your wallpaper, and it made both of you incredibly happy. It seems like people were more content back then.

In today’s world, if you don’t frequently share your relationship on social media, you might be seen as avoiding commitment. This could create problems in your relationship and make others think you’re not proud of your partner or that you’re being unfaithful.

To keep things in good shape, your online presence needs to be full of details about your relationship. The old way of making a relationship official after a few dates has changed. Nowadays, all you need to do is post three “loved-up” photos on Snapchat, and your relationship is considered official.

Many people believe there’s nothing bad about sharing their relationship on the internet. We live in a time filled with Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp Status. A lot of people spend a significant amount of time updating their social media profiles, so it’s completely normal to proudly display the people they care about and make them a special part of their online presence.

Happiness doesn’t Depend on Getting Approval from the Internet

Many people who spend a lot of time on social media can experience feelings of depression and social anxiety, from mild to severe (Source). When you spend hours on platforms like Instagram, it’s easy to start comparing your life to others and feeling like you need to “level up” to match them.

This can lead you to live a life that’s beyond your means and stay in a relationship just to impress your online followers. If a breakup happens, you’ll have to go through the trouble of deleting pictures of your ex from your accounts and explaining the changes to your online friends when you find love again.

Your relationship isn’t like a modern romantic movie. You can find happiness in your emotions right there without needing to show it off online. People who are genuinely happy in their relationships don’t worry about being featured on their partner’s social media page.

What matters most to them is spending time together, sharing their lives, and growing as a couple. A couple can seem perfect on social media but struggle in real life. For some people, having a flawless virtual life is all that matters, and many people may not understand what reality truly looks like.

A research in 2016 looked at 170 college students in relationships to understand how they presented themselves online and how it related to their real-life relationships

  • The researchers compared the actions of people who were very active on Facebook with those who concentrated on making their real-world relationships strong.
  • The study found that couples who focused on their offline relationships were more likely to stay committed and happy in their partnerships.

Real Happiness comes from Being Together in Person

It’s not worth getting upset if your partner doesn’t quickly post your latest great photo on their social media status. Instead, focus on the fact that you haven’t spent time together for a while. Your joy should come from your actual conversations and the time you spend with each other, whether it’s in person or through video calls in a long-distance relationship.

Share your thoughts, daily experiences, goals, dreams, and hopes with your partner. Listen to them and appreciate their love and attention. When you’re not constantly trying to capture the perfect Instagram pictures, you can pay more attention to the things that truly matter.

You don’t have to prove to your online followers that you’re genuinely happy. You don’t need anyone’s validation or permission to make your relationship real.

Many couples online might seem happy, but it’s often just a pretend happiness that exists in the digital world. In reality, they might struggle to have a meaningful conversation in person.

Creating Healthy and Positive Relationships: Here’s What You Can Do

1. Arrange Outings to Places you both Enjoy

You don’t need to choose the fanciest place in town to start a date. Instead, find out where your partner likes to go and plan a date there. Being at your favourite spot is nice, but it’s even better when you’re there with someone you care about.

You don’t have to have the same preferences, but it’s essential to feel at ease with each other’s lives and enjoy each other’s interests.

2. Communication is the Key

Talking is the key to a good relationship (Source). When you don’t communicate, the relationship can start to feel less important. So, be open with your partner and discuss all sorts of things. Sharing your life and plans shows them how much they mean to you.

It’s also important to talk honestly about problems and try to find solutions before they cause trouble in your relationship.

3. Honesty

It’s simple to get caught in a web of lies and break the trust between you. Right from the beginning, tell the truth and be completely honest with each other. Avoid lying about your job, money, what you like in bed, how old you are, or even small things just to please your partner.

Be yourself, and if they don’t love you for who you are, then maybe they’re not the right match for you.

4. Say Sorry and Let Go

No relationship is ever entirely flawless because it involves people with different personalities. Disagreements are likely to occur from time to time. It’s important to say sorry when you make a mistake and forgive when your partner is genuinely trying to make amends.

However, if your partner repeatedly cheats or treats you badly, it’s best to leave such a harmful relationship quickly. You deserve better.

5. Celebrate Your Partner’s Victories

Even small wins are important. Tell your partner that their successes make you happy. Be truly glad for them and make sure to celebrate their accomplishments. You don’t need big parties or fancy outings to do this.

You can celebrate with something as simple as pizza and a few glasses of wine. Whether it’s graduation, a new job, a new car, or a promotion, make sure your partner knows you’re their biggest supporter.

Is Sharing Your Relationship On Social Media Worth It?

Online, your followers might shower you with compliments and kind words on your photos. However, these very same people may mock or make fun of you when things in your life take a turn for the worse. Genuine happiness comes from being there for each other and forming a support system that both can rely on in difficult times.

In other words, while people on the internet might seem supportive when things are going well, they can be hurtful when things aren’t going great. True happiness, on the other hand, comes from being actively involved in each other’s lives and providing unwavering support, so that both partners can always rely on each other, no matter the situation.