Single Mom Took the Risk, Built a Tiny House as Her Retirement Plan

Michelle Boyle, who has lost possession of two houses through two divorces, built a tiny house as her retirement plan.

Couple Builds Greenhouse Around Home To Grow Food And Keep Warm

Redefining Sustainable Living: Family Builds Home Within a Greenhouse to Stay Warm Most houses use heating units to stay warm through the winter. However, this home is built within a greenhouse, creating a bubble of summer in Stockholm, Sweden. The residents of this environmentally-friendly abode are Marie Granmar, Charles Sacilotto, and their young son. The … Read more

A wind turbine that produces both electricity and drinking water

Water, often described as the elixir of life, plays an indispensable role in sustaining all forms of life on our planet. From quenching our thirst to powering our industries, water is an essential resource that we cannot afford to take for granted. In this article, we will explore the vital importance of water to our … Read more