Why Muhammed Nitito Takes His Daughters to the Women’s Bathroom

Muhammed Nitito recently went viral for sparking a discussion about a common predicament he faces as a father – taking his daughters into the women’s bathroom. In his Instagram post titled “I Take My Daughters to the Girls Bathroom,” Nitito shares his experiences and asks women how they feel about this situation.

“As a dad being out with daughters I never thought the bathroom would become as big of an issue as it is. Usually, we would go places and they have FAMILY bathrooms which are meant for people with children but what I found was most places don’t have them and Dads are left to decide between taking their daughters to the men’s bathroom or the women’s. Now when first hit with this choice I did what most men would do which is, I went to the Men’s bathroom. Now I’ve been to a men’s bathroom millions of times but walking in with your daughter makes you look at it completely different. Men’s bathrooms are DISGUSTING. They smell like pee and nothing is set up for a woman or a person with a child. The changing table was right next to the urinal which means my child literally would be next to where men pee while she’s being charged. Not to mention that there are men going in and out while you’re there. After doing that 1 time I decided I’d never take my daughter’s to the men’s bathroom again.”

Nitito, a father of five-year-old Zendaya and three-year-old Zuri, encountered an uncomfortable situation while trying to change his youngest daughter’s diaper in the men’s bathroom. The changing station was inconveniently located between the sinks and urinals, leaving no privacy for him or his child. Additionally, men’s restrooms are often not well-maintained and not designed with babies and children in mind.

Dad Explains Why He Takes His Daughters Into The Women's Bathroom

Family or gender-neutral bathrooms are Nitito’s preferred choice, but unfortunately, they are not as common as they should be. As a result, Nitito has resorted to taking his daughters into the women’s bathroom. However, he acknowledges the importance of being respectful and considerate to women in these shared spaces.

Respecting Boundaries and Speaking Up

Nitito understands the potential discomfort or concern women may have when they see a man entering the women’s bathroom with his daughters. To address this, he approaches the situation with respect and open communication. He always knocks on the door and politely asks the women inside if he can bring his daughters in.

“Excuse me, I’m a dad, and I have my daughters with me. Do you mind if I bring them in?” Nitito explained.

If I hear the door open when we’re in a stall, I re-announce myself. I don’t want to surprise anyone, I know some women have experienced trauma and might be afraid. I try to be as respectful as possible.”

Fortunately, Nitito has not encountered anyone who objected to his presence. In fact, he has received support and gratitude for his considerate approach. During one instance, a woman offered to guard the bathroom entrance while he took his daughters inside.

While Nitito’s method works for him, parenting expert Dr. Justin Coulson suggests a different approach. Coulson, a father of six daughters himself, recommends waiting outside and asking a random woman for help if there are no family bathrooms available.

Both Nitito and Coulson highlight the importance of finding a solution that prioritizes the comfort and safety of their children while respecting the boundaries of shared spaces.

A Deeper Perspective from a Father’s Side

Nitito’s viral post and subsequent discussions shed light on the challenges fathers face that are often not discussed extensively. Nitito started his Instagram page, known as the Daddy Chronicles, to share stories from a father’s perspective.

Nitito aims to provide a platform for fathers to share their experiences and perspectives on various parenting challenges. Through his initiatives, he hopes to contribute to a more inclusive and diverse narrative of parenthood.

The Ongoing Bathroom Debate

The topic of taking children of the opposite sex into public restrooms continues to be a subject of debate among parents and experts. While Nitito and others support their approach, there are differing opinions on the matter.

The concerns raised include potential discomfort for women who may feel invaded by the presence of an adult male in the women’s bathroom, or vice versa. Some argue that designated family or gender-neutral bathrooms should be more widely available to resolve this issue. Others suggest finding alternative solutions, such as asking for assistance from strangers or waiting outside the bathroom.

Father explains why he always takes his daughters into the women's restroom.  - Upworthy

The reality is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Parents, regardless of their gender, strive to do what they believe is best for their children while navigating the challenges of public spaces.

The Importance of Addressing Parental Challenges in Public Spaces

Taking children, especially young ones, to public spaces can present a range of challenges for parents. Muhammed Nitito’s viral post highlights the specific dilemma faced by fathers when it comes to taking their daughters to the bathroom. His experiences shed light on the need for more inclusive and family-friendly facilities in public areas.

While family or gender-neutral bathrooms are the ideal solution, their availability is not widespread. As a result, fathers like Nitito find themselves faced with a choice between the men’s and women’s bathrooms. The condition and setup of men’s restrooms often present unpleasant and inconvenient circumstances for fathers and their children.

Nitito’s decision to take his daughters to the women’s bathroom demonstrates his commitment to their comfort and safety. However, he also recognizes the importance of respecting the boundaries of these shared spaces. His approach of politely asking women already in the restroom for permission demonstrates his consideration for others and a desire to maintain a respectful environment.

The ongoing debate surrounding this issue highlights the need for more options and understanding. Some propose the implementation of designated family or gender-neutral bathrooms in public spaces to alleviate concerns and provide suitable facilities for parents and children. Others suggest alternative solutions such as waiting outside the restroom or seeking assistance from strangers when necessary. Ultimately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and parents must navigate these challenges in the best way they can.

Empowering Fathers and Encouraging Dialogue

Nitito’s story serves as a reminder of the need to hear and share the experiences of fathers in the parenting narrative. Traditionally, parenting discussions tend to focus more on the perspectives of mothers, leaving fathers with fewer resources to navigate their unique challenges. Nitito’s Daddy Chronicles aims to bridge this gap by providing a platform for fathers to share their stories and challenges.

By allowing fathers to share their experiences, we can foster a more inclusive and diverse dialogue that benefits everyone. Recognizing the experiences and perspectives of fathers enables us to gain a deeper understanding of the multifaceted nature of parenthood. It encourages empathy, supports the breaking down of gender stereotypes, and promotes greater involvement of fathers in child-rearing.

Muhammed Nitito’s experiences as a father navigating public spaces with his daughters have sparked important discussions around the challenges faced by fathers. His respectful approach to taking his daughters to the women’s bathroom highlights the need for more inclusive facilities and respectful communication in these shared spaces. By sharing his story through the Daddy Chronicles, Nitito is contributing to a more balanced parenting narrative that is inclusive of fathers’ perspectives.

The ongoing conversation surrounding this issue emphasizes the importance of finding solutions that prioritize the comfort and safety of children while respecting the boundaries of shared spaces. Whether through the implementation of family or gender-neutral bathrooms or alternative approaches, it is clear that addressing these challenges requires a collective effort. By supporting and empowering fathers, we can create a more inclusive and supportive environment for all parents.


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