Yoga for Menstruation

Not only does yoga build strength, teach mindfulness, and improve your flexibility, it can help you navigate through pain and discomfort. In fact, yoga is one of the most popular workout routines when it comes to conditions like menstruation.

The cramps and bloating associated with this time of the month can be made much easier through yoga. Since various yoga poses stretch out your abdomen, massage your muscles, and stimulate blood flow to various parts of the body, you may find that these yoga poses improve pain caused by menstruation.

Childs Pose

To get into child’s pose, start on your knees. Push your knees to the edge of the yoga mat, keeping your toes touching. Bend forward from the waist and press your upper body towards the top of the mat. Stretch your hands out in front of you or down by your feet.

Cat/Cow Cycle

 This rotation of poses can do a lot to stretch out your abdomen and relieve lower back pain, both of which are very welcome during menstrual cramps or discomfort.

Begin with your hands and feet on the ground, keeping your spine level. Lower your back, lifting your head to look up at the ceiling and creating a curve with your back. To go into cat pose, push with your hands and curl your back so that your abdomen is tucked under. Tuck your head to look at your belly button.

Repeat this cycle three times before moving on.

Cobra Pose

 Cobra pose is a great choice if you need to stretch out all of the muscles that are tight and achey from your cycle. Prepare for this posed by lying on your belly. Place your hands underneath your shoulders and slowly push up.

 By the time you finish this pose, your arms should be straight. Your hips may remain on the ground or they may lift up slightly. Allow your back to stretch and tilt your head back.

Fish Pose

 Fish pose is a popular counter pose for many more challenging yoga routines. Begin by lying on your back. Prop your arms up behind you so that your elbows are directly beneath your shoulders and your forearms pointed toward your feet. With your back off of the ground, tilt your head back and let it hang.

Camel Pose

 If you have sore hips or abdominal cramps, you should definitely try camel pose. If you cannot hold camel pose with two arms, just try one arm at a time.

 Start out on your knees, creating a straight line from your knees to the top of your head. Your feet should go straight back. Carefully reach back one arm at a time and grab the ankle on the same side. Once you have both ankles in your hands, let your head drop back.

Supine Twist

Lie on your back with your legs straight in front of you. Bend your left leg and cross it over the right leg, positioning your left foot next to your right knee. Drop the left knee to the right side of the room, looking over your left shoulder. Switch sides and repeat.


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