7 Aluminum Free Deodorants That Work

As much as we all love to feel and smell fresh during even the most hot and humid days, there’s been more than enough evidence on the green beauty scene warning of the dangers of aluminum in deodorants to make us think twice about using deodorant.

According to many sources, the aluminum contained in many deodorants has been shown to cause breast cancer, bone disorders, Alzheimer’s disease and kidney problems.  If you’re looking to avoid aluminum consumption into your body via deodorant use but still want to smell fresh and clean, even on the hottest of summer days, consider using one of the following tried and true aluminum-free deodorants on the market today.

Greenbody Natural Deodorant Herbal Detox ($12, greenbodydeo.com)

This blend of clay, plant extracts and essential oils is said to be effective for even the most sensitive skin types. Those who are sensitive to baking soda and/or aluminum will enjoy the roll and twist up balm formula and the tea tree/peppermint scent.  Greenbody Natural deodorant will keep you smelling fresh on even the hottest of days.

Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant ($14, weleda.com)

Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant uses organic rose leaf extract and its naturally mild astringent properties to keep you feeling and smelling fresh. The light floral scent isn’t overly powerful (although it is a bit strong when you first put it on, but it dries quickly) but does its job in the area of keeping you fresh.

Fat & the Moon Deodorant Cream ($13, rodales.com)

This sweet smelling deodorant, made from coconut oil, aluminum free baking soda, sage and arrowroot (for absorbing moisture) will keep underarm odor at bay all day long. No need to worry about the coconut oil affecting your clothes, either. The effective deodorant paste stays where it belongs: under your arms and off of your clothes.

Close To Me Uplifting Deodorant Spray ($42, lindenbeauty.com)

This refreshing spray-on deodorant keeps you fresh smelling with aromatherapy and flower essence benefits. The calculated blend of witch hazel, organic Tamanu oil and flower essences leave you smelling like fresh-cut flowers, as opposed to so many mainstream market deodorants today that carry an obviously lab-concocted fake flowery smell. And it works in even the sweatiest of situations.

Living Libations Poetic Pits: Tree Majesty ($30, livinglibations.com)

Although the name might be a little less than poetic, we think you’ll love this natural, aluminum-free deodorant. Tree Majesty contains cardamom, pure sandalwood and Douglas Fir essential oils. The essential oils will leave you smelling as fresh as a forest – in a good way.  Tree Majesty has the staying power that all-day, on-the-run people need in a deodorant, too.

Soapwalla Lavender + Tea Tree Deodorant Cream ($14, rodales.com)

The texture of this clay-based, slightly gritty product might weird you out at first, but you’ll quickly be won over by its powerful deodorant properties. The powders and clay in the deodorant keep you dry, and the essential oils keep you smelling fresh, no underarm spots to be found.

Nature’s Gate Clear Formula Deodorant in Summer Spice ($6, natures-gate.com)

This traditional deodorant stick boasts labels such as vegan, non-GMO, aluminum-free, soy-free and animal cruelty-free. The glycerin based deodorant uses cucumber and flower extracts to help keep odor at bay and keep you smelling fresh all day long.

There are many alternatives to the run-of-the-mill aluminum-based deodorants that are so prevalent on store shelves today. Try one of the above 7 aluminum-free deodorants for yourself and see how fresh feeling all-natural can be.




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