Mason Jar Meals

If you are working on eating healthier, one of the fastest ways to change your eating habits is to make sure that you are eating at home or at least eating food you’ve made at home. Skipping fast food and fatty restaurant meals can quickly lead to significant weight loss.

However, coming up with meal ideas that are tasty, portable, and exciting enough to make you want to eat can be quite difficult. With these meals, you can prepare multiple meals ahead of time and grab a mason jar when it’s time to chow down.

Benefits of Mason Jar Meals

 One of the main benefits of mason jar meals is how convenient they are to make and store. When you’re prepping for the week, you can simply line up your jars on the counter and fill them up. They take a very little space, which makes them easy to take to work or school.

 As an added benefit, mason jar meals are convenient when it comes to mealtime. Just grab a fork and dig in. Even if you barely have time for lunch at work, you have time for a mason jar meal.

Bacon and Egg Breakfast

 You know it’s important to start the day with a good breakfast, and this meal makes it extremely easy to eat on the go.

 Toss crumbled, cooked bacon in your jar with spinach, cheese, and any extra veggies you may want. Whip two or three eggs until light and fluffy, and pour them over the bacon mixture. Microwave until eggs are cooked through.

Tacos in a Jar

 Tacos are the perfect lunch, but who wants to spend all afternoon feeling bloated from all the wheat in your tortillas? Tacos in a jar give you everything you love about this food without the tortillas.

 In your jar, layer seasoned taco meat with pepper jack or chipotle cheese, diced tomatoes, lettuce, corn salsa, and any other taco toppings you may enjoy.

Overnight Oats

 Having breakfast ready to go in the morning makes it easy to jump start your metabolism. Before going to bed, fill a jar 3/4 of the way with rolled oats. Add enough milk to cover the oats. Stir in fruits and spices to flavor the oats.

 Popular flavoring choices include blueberry, cinnamon, cocoa powder, almond milk, and strawberry.

Caprese Salad

 Nothing is quite as decadent as a caprese salad. It is even easier to achieve the layered look of this salad in a mason jar. Start with thin slices of mozzarella and layer them with tomato slices and basil.

 When your meal is constructed, drizzle some olive oil and balsamic vinegar on top.

Taco Salad

If you’re trying to use up leftovers, this taco salad is the perfect recipe to try. Mix up some homemade avocado dressing and pour it into the bottom of the jar. Add layers of corn, tomato, salsa, shredded chicken, and lettuce. Shake to combine before eating.


 You can enjoy sushi anytime without the hassle of making sushi rolls. In your jar, layer nori, sushi rice and soy sauce, shredded carrots, your choice of fish, and other popular sushi fillings.


Bacon & Eggs in a Jar – Mason Jar Breakfast Recipe

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