Psychologist Uncovers the Psychological Impact of ‘Elf on a Shelf’ on Children

As the holiday season approaches, the elves are emerging from their slumber, ready to embark on their annual mission of mischief and merriment. For many families, the tradition of ‘Elf on a Shelf’ has become as synonymous with Christmas as stockings and candy canes. This pint-sized sentinel, tasked with reporting children’s behavior back to Santa … Read more

Carolina Herrera Claims Wearing Jeans After 30 and Having Long Hair After 40 Is “Classless”

A woman must age graciously and not try to be an age she’s not, or she will look ridiculous. I see many women in the street and, from the back, they look very nice with their long hair and their little skirts. But when they turn around — aargh, they’re ancient!

Get Paid $2,500 to Watch Christmas Movies: CableTV’s Festive Job Offer

Are you ready to turn your cozy Christmas movie marathon into a lucrative side gig? Picture this: It’s a chilly winter evening, snowflakes are gently falling outside, and you’re snuggled up on your couch with a cup of hot cocoa. The scent of freshly baked cookies wafts from the kitchen as you prepare to indulge … Read more

Are You Old Enough To Remember This Copper-Colored Object?

Back in the day, there were lots of small, old-fashioned things and tools that today’s kids and even some younger adults might not recognize. These items are from a time long ago, and not many people today know what they were used for. But recently, a picture of a strange coppery metal thing has been … Read more

Unlocking the Secrets of Ancient Roman Scrolls: How AI is Transforming the Study of History

Imagine a scroll cocooned in the embrace of Mount Vesuvius’ volcanic ash, untouched for nearly two millennia. It stands as a silent testament to the cataclysmic force that engulfed ancient civilizations. To decipher its enigmatic script might seem an insurmountable task, a puzzle frozen in time. Yet, a remarkable shift has occurred.  A fusion of … Read more

New York Public Library Brings 100-Year-Old Life Hacks Back into the Spotlight

The wisdom, “Those unable to recall history are doomed to relive it,” articulated by philosopher George Santayana, holds significance even in our technologically advanced era. Remarkably, the New York Public Library has brought a piece of the past to the digital forefront by digitizing 100 “How to Do It” cards, originally found in cigarette boxes … Read more

Retro Rewind: Do You Recognize These 11 Vintage Gadgets?

In an era dominated by smartphones, smartwatches, and various high-tech gadgets, our lives are continually touched by the latest technological advancements. These modern tools, while powerful and versatile, are part of a digital landscape that often overlooks the charm and groundbreaking nature of simpler times. Before the influx of all-encompassing devices, inventions like the iconic … Read more

A Couple Sold an African Mask They Thought Was ‘Worthless’ for $158 Was Later Auctioned for $4.4 Million

An elderly couple from Nîmes, France, is caught in a legal battle after unknowingly selling an African face mask for a mere $158, only to discover that it was later sold for an astonishing $4.4 million. This extraordinary turn of events has led the couple, aged 81 and 88, to file a lawsuit against the … Read more