Unlocking the Secrets of Ancient Roman Scrolls: How AI is Transforming the Study of History

Imagine a scroll cocooned in the embrace of Mount Vesuvius’ volcanic ash, untouched for nearly two millennia. It stands as a silent testament to the cataclysmic force that engulfed ancient civilizations. To decipher its enigmatic script might seem an insurmountable task, a puzzle frozen in time. Yet, a remarkable shift has occurred.  A fusion of … Read more

MIT Scientists Create Norman, The World’s First “Psychopathic” AI

Meet Norman: The AI With a Dark Side Picture this: scientists from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have constructed an AI that has developed a rather psychopathic edge. The AI, aptly named Norman, comes to life thanks to image captions sourced from Reddit. Did I mention they named it after Alfred Hitchcock’s infamous … Read more