Horrifying Moment Orca Came to Viewing Window With Dead Seaworld Trainer in Its Mouth

Killer whaler Orca

In the world of marine entertainment, SeaWorld has been a beacon of wonder for millions of visitors. However, the magic took a horrifying turn in March 2010 when one of SeaWorld’s star performers, Dawn Brancheau, met a tragic end during a show involving Tilikum, the infamous killer whale also known as ‘Tilly’ or by the … Read more

Lolita The 57-Year-Old Orca Dies Shortly Before Her Release From Captivity

Earlier this year, there was news that Lolita the orca, also known as Tokitae or Toki, would be released back into her Pacific Northwest home after spending over 50 years in captivity. However, these plans were shattered when the elderly orca passed away from a suspected renal condition. Despite the heartbreaking loss, Lolita’s story sheds … Read more