Elon Musk Issues Stark Warning to Tylor Swift

Elon Musk warns Taylor Swift

The glitzy world of pop music is no stranger to accolades, and in 2023, Taylor Swift, the iconic singer-songwriter, was crowned Person of the Year by Time magazine. The honor, a testament to her illustrious career, was celebrated with gratitude towards the magazine’s West Coast Editor, Sam Lansky, who penned a glowing tribute capturing the … Read more

Mysterious McDonald’s Store Opens in the Middle of Nowhere


In the world of fast food, McDonald’s has long been associated with bustling urban locations and busy thoroughfares. However, the narrative took a curious turn with the recent opening of a McDonald’s store in a rather unexpected setting – the heart of the countryside. Nestled at 8075 Avenue Marcel-Villeneuve in Saint-François, Laval, Quebec, Canada, this … Read more

People baffled after realising they never see phones in their dreams

The omnipresence of smartphones in our waking lives stands in stark contrast to our dreamscapes.