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Homeless Man Whose Voice Ended Up Completely Changing His Life and Turned Him Into a Superstar

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Why Haven’t We Found Aliens? A Physicist Shares the Most Popular Theories

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Physiotherapist’s Brief Video Resolves Longstanding Wrist Issue, Leaving Patients Amazed

People are astonished after a physiotherapist’s TikTok video ‘cured’ wrist pain they’d been struggling with for years.

14-Year-Old Wins Top Young Scientist Award for Inventing Soap That Treats Cancer

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Scientists Accidentally Discovered a New Organ in the Human Body

It was an entirely new organ, described in the journal Radiotherapy and Oncology, as a set of salivary glands located in the back of the nasopharynx (the upper part of the throat behind the nose). The team have named the pair of organs the ‘tubarial glands’.

Unraveling the Intricate Dance: Exploring the Link Between Gut Microbes, Genetics, and Alzheimer’s Disease

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Unlocking the Secrets of Ancient Roman Scrolls: How AI is Transforming the Study of History

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Strange Form of Ice Found That Only Melts at Extremely Hot Temperatures

In the depths of distant gas giants, Uranus and Neptune, a remarkable phenomenon is unfolding. Under extreme pressures and temperatures, water transforms into a state of matter both solid and liquid, giving rise to an enigmatic substance known as superionic ice. Recent breakthroughs in research have not only confirmed the existence of this exotic ice … Read more